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With gentle compassion and deep roots of experience accompanying those who are near the end of life and their loved ones, death doulas or midwives or end-of-life doulas—all manner of names for this role—gracefully serve and support during this sacred transition.

Denizens of the in-between passage where the pain of grief and fear of the unknown are alive in all who are present, these tender-hearted attendants offer respite and a safe space to just be in the moment.

Photo of Marisa Rose Verrier

Marisa Rose Verrier

CEOLC Treasurer and Co-Founder

Pets are irreplaceable members of our family, and as such, their death can hurt very deeply. As a Companion-Animal End-of-Life Doula, I provide compassionate, in-home care and hospice support for senior pets, as well as those with chronic or terminal illness, and holistic and spiritual support for their human family. My passion is being of service to others. Being present with a family and their dying pet is a benevolent and humbling experience. It is my honor to hold space for animals as they journey towards the rainbow bridge.

Photo of Kerry Arquette

Kerry Arquette

CEOLC Secretary and Co-Founder

My mission is to be a strong and steady presence for the dying and their families. If you or a loved one is in the active dying process and seeking support, contact me. I will do all I can to help in the months, weeks, days, and hours that lead up to the event.

Photo of Valerie Nicholas

Valerie Nicholas

CEOLC First Vice-President & Co-Founder – Director of Strategic Planning and Committees

My passion is to help create unique, one-of-a kind tributes for those who wish to leave a legacy of their personal values, beliefs, blessings, and advice to future generations. My specialty is Living Celebration of Life Memorials, also known as Living Funerals, Living Wakes… The Celebration of a Lifetime. I look forward to hearing your life story!

Photo of Vanessa Johnston

Vanessa Johnston

CEOLC Second Vice-President & Co-Founder – Director of Membership

My mission is to empower those who are dying to experience their final milestone with dignity and grace. I seek to provide support for people with terminal diagnoses and their loved ones. I am a compassionate companion in sacred service to honor the final chapter in others’ stories.

Photo of Cindy Kaufman

Cindy Kaufman

CEOLC President and Co-Founder

My mission is to be a compassionate companion on life’s final journey. With a calm and loving presence, I advocate for the dying person and his/her personal choices about End-of-Life decisions and care, as well as providing much-needed support for the loved ones.

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