Membership in the Colorado End-of-Life Collaborative

for Affiliates

Membership Benefits

The CEOLCo recognizes that other professionals in the community also offer much-needed services and products at end-of-life and, as such, the CEOLCo offers Affiliate Memberships for vetted, professional Colorado individuals and companies working in the end-of-life field who also embrace a similar vision and mission to that of the CEOLCo.

Dedicated to excellence in compassionate, non-medical, end-of-life care; offering presence, support, education, and empowerment to those who are dying and their loved ones.

  • To reinstate death as a revered part of life
  • To empower the dying to “do it their way”
  • To educate communities about the work of end-of-life doulas
  • To be part of developing a Colorado culture that embraces a more positive way of viewing death, and to support others who are also working to create a cultural shift
  • To become a go-to resource for those seeking end-of-life support
  • To serve and to embrace all individuals and all families, by birth or choice, of any race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression
  • To be part of a united collaborative in which we work side-by-side for the good of the clients and one another.

Dedicated Presence on COEoLCo Website

Affiliate member logos are directly linked to your contact information and website, so that interested persons may reach out to you directly for more information.

Shared Marketing

Participation in Collaborative-supported opportunities for networking, marketing and education in the community, thus providing exposure for the services you provide.

Networking Events

Notification of upcoming events and opportunities to network and market the Collaborative and thus, its doula and affiliate members.

Affiliate Membership Requirements

Be a business or company (LLC, non-profit, or incorporated) with a positive professional reputation in the community, that is in good standing with the State of Colorado, and serves the end-of-life needs of the community with a service or product other than end-of-life doula.

Abide by the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for the member’s particular profession. Be in alignment with the Mission and Vision of the Collaborative.

Be willing to acknowledge membership in the Collaborative with a link to the CEOLCo on their website and/or marketing materials, if at all possible. Be willing to refer clients to end-of-life doula members, just as the doula members are willing to refer clients to affiliate members.

Participate in Collaborative networking and marketing events when able. Consider hosting an annual Collaborative networking event at your place of business or other location.

Affiliate Agreement & Application

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