Workbook: My End-of-Life Plans

My End-of-Life Plans Workbook contains worksheets that guide you toward decision making around choices for the end of your life. Beginning with “Vigil Planning – Your Vision of a Good Death,” you will be prompted to think about how you want your final days and hours of life to be, and then to document these wishes on the “My Vigil Plan” worksheet. “At the Time of My Death” is a worksheet to document information for your life insurance policies, as well as a list of persons you want contacted at the time of your death. “Arrangements for My Funeral” and “Arrangements for My Remains/Final Disposition” document your wishes for after your death, as it relates to funeral and/or memorial service, and what you wish to have done with your remains. The final worksheet is the “Legacy Letter,” a step-by-step way to think about writing a final letter(s) for your loved one(s) as a way of leaving your legacy in whatever way feels meaningful to you. These worksheets are then to be placed with your other advance directives (will, living will, etc.), so they can be accessed as needed.

Whether you are currently facing the end of your life, if you are assisting a loved one, or if you are just being proactive in getting your affairs in order (which we highly recommend to everyone), you will find helpful worksheets in this workbook.

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