Compassionate Care for the End of Life

Compassionate Care for the End of Life

Seven Stones – A Botanical Gardens Cemetery

Director of Customer CareContact: Rebecca Holm
Location: 9635 North Rampart Range Road LIttleton Colorado 80125 Phone: 303-717-7117Website: Discover Seven Stones


Photo of Seven Stones – A Botanical Gardens Cemetery


New ideas. New options. New technology. To an industry that is traditional and slow to change, we bring creativity, innovative thinking, state-of-the-art facilities, extraordinary design and unique options. That’s the Seven Stones Difference.

We invite you to visit and learn more about this unique place. Come tour our grounds and let us share with you our vision for a cemetery unlike any other. Discover our modern choices and wide variety of burial options, including green burials. Hear how we’re integrating technology to help create more meaningful memorials, and learn how we’re creating a place that will stand the test of time.

  • Artistic Memorials: Using glass, metal and stone in new ways, we’re creating burial and cremation memorials that integrate light, form and the natural environment.
  •  Modern Technology: With QR codes and videos, we bring a new, multidimensional experience to visiting the memorials of family and friends.
  • Green Burial: Seven Stones is consistently exploring the newest means of environmentally friendly burial and cremation options.
  •  Pet Burial: Our Forever Friends program recognizes that the pets in our lives are like family and allows you to honor them accordingly.
  • Our People: We’re friendly, relaxed and here to help with any aspect of end-of-life planning or immediate needs, thanks to our broad experience with grief counseling, funeral planning and cremation and burial. If we can’t provide the service you need, we’ll help you find someone who can among our trusted partners.


We are not drab, dark, somber and scary. We are not rows of headstones. We are not backhoes and neglected landscaping. We are light. And nature. We are a gathering place. And an entertainment venue. We are family reunions. And a setting for stories told of loved ones. Of fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers. We are a chance to reacquaint yourself with friends and distant family. We are roses and poppies. Cottonwoods and creeks. Sculptures and waterfalls. We are where people remember, and pay honor, in a place where they feel good just being. We are inviting paths and welcoming people. We are a place that makes smiles easier to come by at a time when they’re the hardest to come by. We help to heal. And allow you to remember. We are beauty and nature. We are a slice of Colorado in the shadow of the mountains. We are the promise of a well-kept place for generations to come. We are Seven Stones.

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9635 North Rampart Range Road LIttleton Colorado 80125

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